Situational Awareness Airports

The fast pace of airport operations leaves no time for indecision. Simultaneously tracking aircraft turnover, ground assets and flight schedules on any scale can easily overwhelm even the most skilled operators. Add to the picture, airport security, which is growing more crucial every day due to various terrorists’ attacks that have targeted these facilities, and you are left with a flood of vital data. With this influx of urgent information and barely any downtime, any minor problems can quickly become out of hand. 

To avoid this outcome, ARES Security has developed a diverse suite of products to help you prepare, detect, and respond to any situation. Our AVERT suite of products are already helping facilities around the world manage numerous, unique threats on a daily basis. Using AVERT’s simulation software, users can run countless scenarios to realize any vulnerabilities from physical attacks or natural disasters, create SOPs based off quantitative risk assessments, and eventually create their ideal security configuration. While AVERT helps prepare for physical threats, the ASSURE suite of products enable you to detect and respond to both cyber and physical attacks.

Airport security, air traffic control and other stakeholders use CommandBridge as a force multiplier in order to monitor activity in areas of interest 24/7 and reduce the workload on personnel. With real-time tracking of arrivals & departures, baggage trains, stair cars, pushbacks, belt loaders and more, you can receive automatic updates of any anomalous activity affecting your operations. Whether this involves a late aircraft, delayed equipment, service status update or passenger loading, CommandBridge allows you to easily identify the source of an issue. When this anomalous behavior is detected, CommandBridge alerts predetermined users and allows them to collaborate with other stakeholders to quickly remedy the situation.

From regional to international airports, our solutions are fully scalable to grow with your needs over time. This scalable, enhanced situational awareness provides you with the tools to plan, prevent, detect, assess, and respond to all types of incidents. The resulting improved intelligence enables you to better understand your complex environment—from the big picture, to the details that matter.

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