The cyber landscape is constantly evolving. New vulnerabilities in cyber security are routinely discovered, along with the advanced tactics designed to exploit them. Hacking, malware, physical attacks, social attacks and privilege misuse all present their own challenges and risks. With so many different avenues for attack, and the wide variety of tools available to abuse them, it becomes increasingly difficult to protect your network, your data, and yourself. Most cyber attacks go undetected until it’s too late, due to the common misconception that the traditional perimeter-focused defense—like a standalone firewall—will provide adequate protection. This approach concentrates solely on keeping hackers out, but has no means to detect a threat once it has already surpassed the virtual perimeter. Utilizing traditional methods to defend against a non-traditional threat is not only ineffective, it’s also incredibly expensive.

With the range and scope of threats always changing, it’s important to have a system that is capable of adapting just as quickly. ASSURE Cyber offers an advanced, unified solution that allows you to leverage pre-existing systems while greatly enhancing your overall security posture. Machine-based learning combined with 24/7 human monitoring provides you with a strong return on investment and equips you with the tools to stop simply reacting, and begin predicting, detecting and defending against Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs).

Some Of The Many Benefits Of ASSURE Cyber Include:

behavioral analyses


As part of ASSURE Cyber, the patented Network Behavioral Analysis (NBA) technology uses over 1,200 algorithms to learn and monitor your network’s normal behavior. With a more thorough understanding of what qualifies as “normal” network activity, ASSURE Cyber is able to better identify any anomalous or abnormal behavior—whether they are old threats or new ones. ASSURE Cyber also maintains an extensive behavioral profile and alert log exclusively for your company, providing truly proactive awareness and fewer false alerts.



We deliver Unified Enterprise Security™ (UES) that fulfills the promise of a truly integrated advanced threat-management solution, delivering a security experience unlike any other. Our UES spans your entire network from your premises to the cloud, correlating threat information across all existing enterprise security systems so you can predict, detect and defend against threats before they emerge. This truly unified system provides you with a comprehensive, fully managed suite of security services that can be installed in a week and deployed as a stand-alone system or fully integrated with your existing technology investments.

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Stop relying on software alone to protect your network and data. With ASSURE Cyber, you have an additional team of certified security analysts to routinely inspect your cyber security and identify any weak points. The combination of man and machine protects your business from the full range of threats—even if they are an insider threat or on your air gapped security network. Discovering possible avenues for attack in advance allows you to learn how an assailant might attempt to slip through a firewall, or exploit system bugs to compromise your assets. This continuous monitoring and alerting enables you to stop worrying about potential threats and get back to business.

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