The ASSURE family of products provides customers with the tools to protect their facilities in real time. The ASSURE line covers both physical and cyber security and has been developed to perform in any industry.

Solutions Overview

ASSURE Commandbridge

ASSURE CommandBridge dramatically increases your situational awareness by integrating your existing systems and sensors and adding context to cut through data clutter and provide highly focused, actionable awareness that can be easily shared. This enhanced situational awareness allows you to better detect anomalous activity and quickly form a collaborative response.


ASSURE Cyber offers an advanced, unified solution that allows you to leverage pre-existing systems while greatly enhancing your overall security posture. Machine-based learning combined with 24/7 human monitoring provides you with a strong return on investment and equips you with the tools to stop simply reacting, and begin predicting, detecting and defending against Advanced Persistent Threats.



The ASSURE Mobile app lets mobile users share their position and post brief status messages directly into CommandBridge. When first responders deploy to an incident site, ASSURE Mobile allows decision makers and dispatchers to keep them informed without delay. Using the app and a WiFi or 4G connection, responders can view all the same Tracks, Alerts, Zones and Situations available to full CommandBridge users.