Situational Awareness On-The-Go

It’s impossible to place cameras and sensors everywhere. This is why mobile users are so invaluable to completing your situational picture. With the right equipment, first responders are able to arrive on scene and relay any relevant information back to the command center. Enabling this kind of communication is necessary for effective collaboration during both daily operations and emergencies.

The ASSURE Mobile application lets mobile users share their position and post brief status messages directly into CommandBridge. When first responders deploy to an incident site, ASSURE Mobile allows decision makers and dispatchers to keep them informed without delay. Using ASSURE Mobile and a WiFi or 4G connection, responders can view all the same Tracks, Alerts, Zones and Situations available to full CommandBridge users. ASSURE Mobile brings the command center right down to the fingertips of field personnel for greater coordination.

Bringing the Command Center Down to your fingertips

When you have a system that's ready when you are, it doesn't matter which device is within arm's reach. 
Here are just a few of the many benefits that our ASSURE Mobile app offers:

Mobile Unit Tracking

Live Tracking

ASSURE Mobile makes tracking and managing your first responders easier than ever. Mobile users can easily share their position with other ASSURE Mobile and CommandBridge users, even when the app is asleep. The app allows users to toggle track sharing when off-duty, and also adjust location accuracy to preserve battery life as desired. This equips you with a more complete situational picture for awareness at a glance. 


Improved Incident Management

Stop spending precious minutes manually collecting the details you need to understand the situation at hand. ASSURE Mobile allows you to view all of the same track and situation details available to full CommandBridge users and take action. The app also provides a live map of CommandBridge elements (tracks, zones, cameras, etc.), making it easy to quickly locate nearby assets.

Incident Management Software
Collaboration COP


Collaboration between dispatchers and responders on-scene is crucial to truly understanding the situation at hand. ASSURE Mobile provides you with an additional channel of communication that allows you to share more than just words. Mobile users can post status messages, photos and videos directly from the device's camera, so everyone is kept informed as an incident evolves over time. 



The Geolist feature allows you to quickly declutter the screen and view only the most immediately relevant information. Activating Geolist will automatically filter the Tray--which lists all of your tracks, zones, points and more--to only display the items present at your current zoom level.  This provides you with a highly-focused view for rapid decision making.

Mobile Situational Awareness

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