The AVERT family of products provides customers with the tools to perform state of the art risk and vulnerability assessments on their facilities. The AVERT line has multiple versions to suit your needs no matter how big or small your facility may be.

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AVERT Core provides the basic needs to run risk assessments at your facility. The AVERT Engine can run on a laptop or desktop allowing you to configure models that can be run one at a time. Once completed the model and results are stored locally in an XML file.


AVERT All hazards

AVERT All Hazards upgrades the Simulation Controller to allow for even more consecutive model runs. The advanced behavior module is also expanded on, to provide access to any of the software's developed behaviors. These upgrades enable you to add more advanced modules that accommodate physical security design and natural disaster simulations. With the addition of natural disaster modules, you can ensure that you have the most effective security and response plans possible.


AVERT Physical security

AVERT Physical Security adds our Communications Bus, Simulation Controller, an Advanced Behavior Module (1 behavior) and also enables you to load results into your own MS SQL Server Database. Using this version, you can create multiple configurations in the simulation controller to run numerous models consecutively, which are then stored in the MS SQL Server Database for autonomous reporting.


AVERT BluTrain

AVERT BluTrain was designed specifically for security forces and their management to instruct on tactics, techniques, and procedures using a 3-D representation of their actual facility. The software allows you to use virtual representations of your facility to build security awareness and test response procedures and tactics. With multiple modules, you have the options to replay an AVERT Physical Security simulation, perform tactical training, or take a virtual tour of your own facility.