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BluTrain is an interactive solution that allows you to use virtual representations of actual or planned facilities to build security awareness and test response procedures. The software was designed specifically for security forces and their management to instruct on tactics, techniques, and procedures using a 3-D representation of their actual facility.

BluTrain has multiple modules that enhance your understanding of your facility. Through replaying an AVERT simulation, performing tactical training or touring in your own facility you can quickly learn the appropriate tactics without leaving your desk. Individual or multiple BluTrain trainees can participate together in the interactive, networked simulations to improve their skills against customizable adversary teams. BluTrain records all simulation results ensuring that the experience is not just realistic, but measurable. Virtual training using BluTrain can supplement expensive on-site training, especially when security precautions make such training cost prohibitive. The training simulations are built on the proven simulation engine of the AVERT threat and vulnerability software, and the facility models are interchangeable to maximize compatibility and eliminate start up cost. BluTrain improves the effectiveness of guard training while reducing training costs. 

Some of the many benefits of using BluTrain Include:

Virtual Training Software

Built on the AVERT Platform

BluTrain is used in sync with the AVERT platform, therefore it allows you to leverage your existing, customized site models and simulations built in AVERT to identify and train against the most effective adversary intrusion paths. By utilizing your specific models, your security force understands your specific site layouts and trains to improve response times against specific threat scenarios. The cross-compatibility also allows for seamless comparison of objective analysis in AVERT with quantitative and realistic training results in BluTrain.


BluTrain provides a great ROI

The software allows for trainees to be exposed to real-world scenarios without the expense, site disruption, danger, and potential security concerns of conventional training. Rather than spending money on expensive training excursions, BluTrain utilizes guard downtime for training and provides instructions at duty stations, so you can train more frequently at a much lower cost.

Training Return on Investment
Realistic BluTrain Training

Realistic training in your environment

With easy scenario creation, BluTrain allows you to quickly set up and run targeted training scenarios to reinforce and improve security procedures allowing you to defend against changing threats, tactics and technologies. Each trainee uses a first person simulation client, which incorporates modern video game technology to provide an immersive user experience. This unique capability adds a realistic level of fidelity to personnel training.



Whether training a single guard or a whole task force, BluTrain was developed to take the site-model creation capabilities of AVERT and expand on them. BluTrain can scale from training single guards on a single task to large multi-person collaborative exercises with minimal setup time, providing quantitative tracking of progress and proficiency of trainees and training managers alike.

BluTrain Training Software

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