From The Big Picture, To The Details That Matter

Security challenges are continually evolving. The range of intentional, accidental, and natural threats continue to grow, making the ability to quickly identify and respond to emergent events more crucial than ever. The challenge is made more difficult when the most relevant data associated with the situation is buried under a flood of information being presented to the user. Without the ability to quickly surface the right information, decision makers are unable to gain a real-time, accurate understanding of the situation at hand. ARES Security's award-winning CommandBridge™ suite of products are designed to solve these challenges and more.

The field-proven CommandBridge platform uses advanced software technology to assimilate sensor feeds, cut through security-information clutter, and provide relevant and actionable information to customers around the world. As a high performance system utilizing secure role-based access, CommandBridge provides you with a highly configurable, secure, and scalable solution to situational awareness and incident response.

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