ARES Security’s field-proven situational awareness platform just got an upgrade. The new version, 10.1, is packed with corrections, interface refinements, and new features that you have helped define over this past year. The ASC team would like to say, “Thank You!” as we received numerous feature requests and tips that have directly impacted this update and future versions as well. This update provides new capabilities including Address Searches, a CommandBridge Toolbar Cleanup, GIS Feature Manager, and also has numerous corrections to make our system better and your job easier. 

New Features

GIS Feature Manager

The new GIS Feature Manager allows you to gain even more situational awareness using CommandBridge. With a completely new User Interface,  administrators can quickly enter in GIS endpoints from various feature servers including any tokens or login credentials. You can easily toggle GIS layers on/off just like the Layer Manager and with access to detailed GIS information, enhanced awareness is just a (right) click away.

Address Search & Toolbar cleanup

You may see a few new options on your CommandBridge toolbar as well. CommandBridge v10.1 provides a way to quickly locate any facility or location using the Address Search next to the Search Bar. Simply click the globe icon and type in any address. The Address Search will automatically filter results as you type, and provide a Targeting Icon to center that location on the CommandBridge map. The toolbar is also now equipped with Collapse Arrows, so you can hide the Shapes & Map Tools. This is yet another way to declutter your CommandBridge screen and is extremely helpful when working on a smaller workstation.

UI Screenshot - new - top half.png


You wrote in and we have been listening. In this latest version we implemented various bug fixes, corrections and improvements to enhance your system. These fixes include:

  • Build/Version number added to CommandBridge UI
  • Ability to delete facilities out of CommandBridge
  • Positions showing correct alert count
  • Entities now remain in docking well upon logging out/on
  • CommandBridge no longer freezes with too many alerts
  • Icon transitions for different zoom levels
  • and many more...

Known Issues

Although this version of CommandBridge is packed with new features and improvements, there are still a few known issues that will be corrected promptly. These issues include:

  • Unable to select map overlays in Zone Replays 
  • Map settings not retained in Zone Replays
  • CommandBridge losing Connection Status
  • GIS Feature Manager saving profiles/views
  • Ability to enter decimals for Manual Track speeds
  • and a few more...

Have any questions about this update or want to get the full release notes? Contact us to learn more.