Situational Awareness Applies to Everyone

The core principles of situational awareness apply to everyone, from entire enterprises down to individuals: Perceiving what’s happening around you, Understanding how it affects your objectives, and Projecting that information to take action when needed. Whether representing a large seaport, global oil & gas company, or private organization, everyone benefits from an enhanced ability to make quick, informed decisions.

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Our long-term reputation as a global leader in situational awareness and response offers you a unique opportunity to bring this level of heightened awareness to other industries. This is precisely why industry leaders already choose ARES Security to design and develop their next generation of products. We’re experts in situational awareness and software development. You have the industry knowledge and insight to identify the latest issues, and methods to address them. By combining our respective areas of expertise, we are able to give you a head start in deploying a new solution. We developed our platform from the very beginning to be configurable, so it can be tailored to meet your specific industry needs.

We provide our clients with solutions that dramatically increase their awareness--from software and hardware, to actual facilities and system operators. If you're interested in creating a new solution, contact us to start learning how ASC can design and develop a state-of-the-art OEM product for you.