The public safety landscape is changing. Agencies such as police departments and EMS, that were once designated to monitor and respond to incidents in a certain area are now asked to cover more ground and collaborate with other agencies to become more efficient. Although the agencies are asked to do more, the systems designed for the industry remain stubbornly unadaptable. When a new need is discovered, you’re forced to seek out yet another single-purpose solution and hope that it integrates with your existing systems. It’s no surprise that this counterintuitive approach yields unimpressive, unsustainable results.

Realizing this backwards methodology, ARES Security developed our products to be adaptable so they can grow with the customers’ needs. Our suite of products enable public safety agencies to meet this new challenge. CommandBridge, our integration software, uses the latest technologies to ingest and display data from virtually any sensor feed—such as vehicle and personnel tracking, cameras, ShotSpotter, license plate readers, access control, alarm systems and more. The field-proven platform leverages your existing systems and sensors to supplement current abilities, while also growing with your needs over time through future integrations. As a result, agencies can easily track what they care about, receive alerts on activity of interest, securely share appropriate information, and quickly form a collaborative response when needed. 

By weaving these systems, sensors and organizations into a collaborative environment, individual agencies are better prepared for both everyday operations and emergency scenarios. Whether responding to a low, medium, or high priority incident, CommandBridge enables you to make quick, informed decisions for a rapid response. This enhanced operational ability to simplify understanding and focus on response has proven to be invaluable during demanding operational settings.

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