For over a decade, ARES Security has led the way in thought leadership in the areas of Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA), coastal surveillance, and situational awareness as a whole. While much of the body of thought in these areas continues to develop, ASC has maintained industry-leading performance in MDA and maritime security--as demonstrated by consecutive awards for Most Notable Seaport Security Program.

Award Winning CommandBridge

ASC’s award-winning CommandBridge platform and unique expertise are driving exponential advances in shared awareness and decision support. By constantly enhancing its products to give context to a wider base of information feeds, ARES Security is transforming the old situational awareness recipe of sensors and legacy systems. The field-proven platform leverages your existing security investments, while also allowing integration to any future technologies. This next-level adaptability provides you with a platform that’s capable of evolving as quickly as your needs. Although CommandBridge constantly ingests a vast amount of information, the platform is designed to weed through this data and quickly surface the most relevant information. This allows you to quickly interpret information and take action, rather than merely collecting and presenting raw data.

CommandBridge Focus on Ports

By actually focusing on your unique needs, we are able to design innovative solutions to simplify complex environments. This customer-focused approach to project management allows the ASC team to gain a true understanding of the issues at hand, and provide a simplified, tailored solution to address those specific needs. Using our AVERT software, ASC can develop 3-D models of your entire facility in order to run numerous risk assessments which will highlight any vulnerabilities. Once your site is modeled, AVERT helps prepare your facility for multiple types of threats by using Monte Carlo simulations that display the ideal adversary pathways coming from both land and water.

While security investments are typically seen as a raw expense, ASC specializes in deriving additional value from these investments. This allows your entire organization to reap the benefits of enhanced situational awareness--from security to finance and operations. The resulting highly focused awareness equips you with a thorough understanding of your environment. Building on its expertise of MDA, ARES Security offers an exceptional suite of maritime products with applications ranging from berth scheduling & management, to maritime security and risk analyses. These products enable both security and operations personnel to stay ahead of the challenges facing them.

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