About ARES Security Corporation

Since 1999 when we began developing the AVERT quantitative risk assessment solution, as ARES Corporation with the support of the US Department of Defense, our mission has been to provide solutions that safeguard your critical assets from the world’s dynamic threat environment. On October 1, 2012, ARES Security Corporation was officially established as a stand-alone company to invest in future technologies and continue delivering the AVERT solutions to our growing government and commercial security clients. We have since grown our AVERT family of products, which are currently being utilized in 67% of the North American nuclear reactors, to provide risk assessments for physical security and natural disasters as well as incorporate tools for decision-making training and blue-force training. In 2013, ARES Security acquired a majority ownership interest in The Mariner Group, a company that provided advanced situational awareness solutions to the critical infrastructure sector, and fully acquired the company in 2016. 

ARES Security Corporation's Command Center

ARES Security Corporation's Command Center

Mariner, founded in 2001, had become a thought leader in applying situational awareness principles to unique challenges using a context-based approach. Their legacy CommandBridge platform integrates systems, sensors, and partners to create a common operating picture that replaces information clutter with intuitive visualizations allowing decision makers to collaborate and generate quick, informed decisions. CommandBridge originally found its foothold in seaports and is currently simplifying security and operations in a third of the top tier ports in the United States. With solutions ranging from VIP protection to offshore oil rig responses, the Mariner team had refined their CommandBridge platform and innovative user interfaces to address multiple industries. 

The incorporation of Mariner's CommandBridge platform into our portfolio of risk management solutions, allows us to offer the full spectrum of products and services to prepare, prevent, detect, assess and respond to the myriad of risks that threaten critical infrastructure. In the early years, we focused primarily on nuclear infrastructure and maritime domain awareness, but it has become clear that our emphasis on providing awareness through context directly translates to a variety of other industries and applications. As a result, we have enhanced and expanded our suite of products over the years to apply exceptional situational awareness to a variety of industries. 

Today, we provide solutions that ensure homeland security and business continuity against an entire range of risks that jeopardize people, revenue and operations. We are continually advancing our portfolio by evaluating best-in-breed technologies and developing new innovative solutions. This translates into consistent, enhancement-rich versions of our software and new solutions that help tackle our customers’ most difficult challenges. Our vision is to become the leading provider of advanced situational awareness and risk management software worldwide.