In addition to our validated and reliable software solutions, we also offer formal vulnerability and site assessment services by some of the best and most trusted security experts in the industry. With the purchase of an AVERT Physical Security license, we provide all of the security assessment and analysis services needed to make your facility more secure and to allow you to make the most of any security budget. 

Some of our most significant services include the following:

  • Formal Vulnerability Assessment Process

    • All Vulnerability Assessment steps as defined by DOE Orders and Technical Standards

  • Protection Strategy Development

    • Holistic solutions for site fundamental strategic deficiencies

  • Site Surveys / Assistance Visits

    • Assess and validate facility deficiencies

    • Support specific security analysis or enhancement needs

  • Adversary Mission Analysis

    • Analytical process for the development of adversary scenarios

  • Facility, Campus or Region Model Development

    • Full data gathering and recording capabilities

    • Accurate and precise facility representations

    • Quick model development and analysis

    • Full range or model sizes, from single buildings to large regions

AVERT Security Services have successfully enhanced the security and protected some of the world’s most secure locations.
Contact us today to learn more about our certified security services or request further information.