The AVERT suite of solutions is tailored to the life cycle of Physical Security needs.

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AVERT Physical security

AVERT Physical Security's unique security vulnerability assessment software visualizes and quantifies the performance of security configurations providing clients with a detailed understanding of their physical security system's effectiveness.

AVERT C2 - ARES Security Command Center


AVERT C2 integrates your systems and partnered organizations into an intuitive command and control platform that can be securely shared. With customized awareness dashboards that incorporate your unique workflow, you can easily detect anomalous activity and quickly form a collaborative response.

AVERT Virtual Tabletop

Virtual Tabletop

Virtual Tabletop provides decision makers and security forces an exercise environment to evaluate the effectiveness of new or existing policies, procedures and tactics. By removing the limitations and guesswork involved in regular tabletop drills, we have created a virtual training environment that goes well beyond the capabilities of normal exercises.

AVERT BluTrain

Virtual training

Virtual Training leverages the models that are developed in AVERT and creates a virtual training environment that is ideal for training security officers in scenarios that go far beyond the capabilities of drills and exercises.