Situational Awareness is Going Mainstream

Situational awareness involves perceiving, understanding, and projecting relevant information to interpret how one’s own actions will impact both immediate and future objectives. However, the traditional approach of simply increasing sensors to address a security or operational concern does little to contribute to a decision maker’s ability to truly understand and project the information that is being collected.  Instead of utilizing this tired approach, ASC has adapted CommandBridge to analyze and add context to a wide range of information feeds. By focusing on the unique needs of each customer no matter the industry, we are able to provide  simplified, tailored solutions designed to increase situational awareness and address your specific needs.

The CommandBridge software solution has helped clients secure their domains for nearly two decades. The solution is currently deployed in one-third of the nation’s top tier seaports but is also utilized in other critical infrastructure and public safety sites. Over time, the system has evolved in many ways but now there is an entirely new version of the software, AVERT C2.

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