From The Big Picture, To The Details That Matter

Security challenges are continually evolving. The range of intentional, accidental, and natural threats continue to grow, making the ability to quickly identify and respond to emergent events more crucial than ever. This challenge is made more difficult when the most relevant data associated with the situation is buried under a flood of information being presented to the user. Without the ability to quickly surface the right information, decision makers are unable to gain a real-time, accurate understanding of the situation at hand. ARES Security's award-winning CommandBridge™ platform was designed to solve these challenges and more.

CommandBridge assimilates your previously one-off systems and sensors into an intuitive Common Operating Picture (COP) that cuts through data clutter and adds context to help you gain unprecedented situational awareness. By integrating any current or future systems and sensors with your partner organizations throughout the region or state, CommandBridge provides a scalable COP that allows you to quickly and securely share information whenever you see fit. When the platform detects any activity that you have identified as important, CommandBridge fires an alert, visualizes the most relevant information to the user and enables you to interact with that data to quickly execute the appropriate response. With almost two decades of user interface, workflow, and feature enhancements CommandBridge is the top choice for increasing your awareness and response capabilities while simplifying your operations. As a high performance system utilizing secure role-based access, CommandBridge provides you with a highly configurable and scalable solution to situational awareness and incident response.

Still not convinced? See it for yourself.

Situational Awareness is Going Mainstream

Situational awareness involves perceiving, understanding, and projecting relevant information to interpret how one’s own actions will impact both immediate and future objectives. However, the traditional approach of simply increasing sensors to address a security or operational concern does little to contribute to a decision maker’s ability to truly understand and project the information that is being collected.  Instead of utilizing this tired approach, ASC has adapted CommandBridge to analyze and add context to a wide range of information feeds. By focusing on the unique needs of each customer no matter the industry, we are able to provide  simplified, tailored solutions designed to increase situational awareness and address your specific needs.

There are plenty of reasons why CommandBridge is consistently recognized as one of the top platforms for situational awareness and response. To name a few:

CommandBridge Tracking Multiple Sources and Sensors

Multi-Source Tracking

Whether tracking people for security, shipments for logistics, or vehicles for operations, being aware of current asset locations is crucial to maintaining an accurate operational picture. CommandBridge’s open architecture allows the system to ingest and display virtually any sensor feed, such as: vessels (AIS & radar), vehicles, aircraft/UAV’s, personnel, mobile phones & tablets, specialty equipment and more. This flexible system architecture makes it significantly easier to keep an eye on the things you care about.


Automated Anomaly Detection

User-defined zones and preset watch rules act as a force multiplier, allowing you to monitor activity in areas of interest 24/7 and reduce the load on personnel. CommandBridge provides actionable alerts from both static and dynamic data sources, whether it’s a static CBRNE sensor or a custom security zone.  When anomalous behavior is detected, CommandBridge will alert predetermined users and prompt the appropriate response based on your standard operating procedures (SOPs).

CommandBridge Automated Anomaly Detection
CommandBridge Coordinated Responses

Rapid Response

CommandBridge™ provides the ultimate tool for collaborative situation management through its Situation Board application. Through the exclusive Situation Board tool, users can easily adapt to the ever-changing nature of both planned operations and emergent events. With a single click, you can instantly log activities, attach documents and photos, load checklists, or assign tasks to resources to keep everyone up to speed.



Sometimes you need to take a second look at past events. With the Replay tool, you can reload historical data regarding past alerts, track movements and more.  Use Replay to review operations, conduct briefings, or analyze anomalies.  Entire Replay clips can even be exported to build a portfolio of valuable real-life training assets, or used as interactive reports to superiors and other stakeholders.

CommandBridge Replay
Mobile Common Operating Picture

Unmatched Mobility

CommandBridge was built as a mobile first web application, so mobile users can view all the same Tracks, Alerts, and Situations available to full CommandBridge users. Mobile users are also able to share their position and post messages directly into CommandBridge. CommandBridge brings the command center right down to the fingertips of field personnel and helps them locate any relevant assets nearby.


Augmented Reality

The OneView Specialty Camera pairs WAVcam technology and custom augmented reality overlay with CommandBridge allowing users to correlate WAVcam targets with radar tracks, AIS information, and physical security sensors. This pairing of leading technologies enables users to enhance overall security by establishing superior regional Maritime Domain Awareness.

CommandBridge Augmented Reality
CommandBridge Scalable Situational Awareness

Scalable Awareness

When it comes to making quick decisions for an effective response, collaboration is key. That’s why CommandBridge enables related agencies to better manage their respective daily operations, while also improving multi-agency collaboration during emergencies or region-wide events. From individual facilities to global views, CommandBridge is fully scalable to grow with your needs over time.


Hosting Options

You choose how CommandBridge is hosted to ensure a quick, convenient integration with your preexisting systems. Our award-winning platform can be hosted on-site, or in the cloud if desired. We typically recommend cloud hosting since it provides better efficiency at a lower cost, minimizes IT support demands, and allows on-the-fly upgrades. These 3 factors combined enable CommandBridge to quickly adapt as your priorities evolve. 

CommandBridge Cloud Hosting Solutions

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