CommandBridge Common Operating Picture

Situational awareness is going mainstream. Organizations across the globe process mountains of information to forecast market shifts or predict a competitor’s next move. Individuals check GPS for the fastest route to work, or check the weather to be adequately prepared for the day ahead. Although it takes many different forms, the underlying principles of situational awareness can be easily found in everyday life.

ARES Security provides our clients with solutions that drastically increase their awareness, from software and hardware, to actual facilities and system operators. With projects spanning across the globe, each installation is as unique as the issues it addresses.


Here's A Quick Snapshot Of Just A Few Key CommandBridge Projects:

Common Operating Picture

Common Operating Picture: Pacific Northwest

CommandBridge has been integrated as the core situational awareness platform across a large region in the Pacific Northwest. The field-proven platform unites several ports with the local police, fire and other regional stakeholders through a Common Operating Picture (COP). The project allows each individual agency to better manage their respective daily operations, while also improving multi-agency collaboration during emergencies or region-wide events. The ability to share the right information with the right people increases situational awareness across the entire region, which effectively decreases the response time to ongoing events.

CommandBridge and AVERT

Special Event Security: Republican National Convention

During the 2012 Republican National Convention in Florida, a local port used CommandBridge to address a multitude of security threats during the event. In only 2 weeks' time, Mariner had deployed CommandBridge for the event and setup in 3 local command centers for real-time activity monitoring. With the use of CommandBridge, multiple agencies and stakeholders were able to simultaneously: maintain the flow of commerce through the port; assess and monitor rumored security threats to surrounding bridges; and prepare for Hurricane Isaac as it quickly approached.

Port Security

Land & Waterside Security: California

Mariner completed a specialized installation of CommandBridge for a major port in California. By integrating the port’s existing assets—access control, AIS, video management system (VMS), tracking devices, police dashcam video and more— CommandBridge has enhanced the port’s land and waterside security by consolidating multiple systems into a single intuitive interface. Despite the amount of data being collected and displayed, CommandBridge provides a de-cluttered picture to simplify understanding and focus on the most immediately relevant information. The project’s access control portion was especially notable, bringing Mariner’s notorious visualization skills to the port’s existing access control system. With the ability to monitor every access point, along with all waterways, vessels, vehicles and port personnel, the port is now able to more thoroughly understand their complex environment.

Environment Protection

Natural Resource Protection: Maryland

CommandBridge has been installed across a large area in Maryland to create a shared information network for multiple law enforcement agencies.  The Natural Resource Police (NRP) is among these agencies utilizing CommandBridge as a force multiplier to prevent oyster poaching and other threats around the Chesapeake Bay. By applying user-defined zones and preset watch rules, the NRP can automatically detect poachers loitering within an oyster sanctuary and alert the appropriate agents. Users are also able to recall historical data for each sanctuary, and better position their resources as a result. The NRP has even used data from CommandBridge to successfully prosecute poachers in court.

Border Security

Border Security

For this project, Mariner integrated a series of fixed towers located along the southern border, creating a virtual fence for detecting and responding to illegal crossings. Each tower possessed a series of land radars, high-end thermal and long range cameras and other sensors to effectively monitor activity across the massive area. Leveraging these radar and camera systems, CommandBridge allowed operators to detect and identify both potential drug smugglers and illegal immigrants around the clock. CommandBridge provided the agents with exact target locations in real-time, and helped capture fugitives before they were able to reach the States.

Port Operations and Security

Regional Awareness: florida

CommandBridge is installed at a majority of the ports within Florida, providing an outstanding example of system regionalization. The resulting increase in regional awareness has streamlined inter-port collaboration, whether managing a special event like the 2012 Republican National Convention, or preparing for incoming hurricanes and tropical storms. Other agencies such as local law enforcement, Emergency Operations Centers (EOC’s) and more are also able to access CommandBridge. This equips the state with a comprehensive security network, and increases regional awareness as a whole.

Information Sharing COP

Information SHaring & Collaboration: louisiana

In Louisiana, five neighboring ports along the Mississippi River realize the value in quickly sharing certain information. Since the activity and events of one port will likely affect the neighboring ones, these organizations have securely linked their respective Maritime Security Operations Centers for greater collaboration. With the ability to share data ranging from ongoing incidents to river stages, all five members are better prepared in the event of a region-wide incident. As an added benefit, the project included integration to multiple mobile towers equipped with a variety of specialty cameras for rapid deployment. Now each member is able to further utilize CommandBridge for special event security--whether land or waterside.

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