ARES Security Corporation (ASC) has just released their new site familiarization software, BluTrain – Tour. BluTrain is an interactive, immersive, 3D model of a facility, either existing or planned. The software can be used for a wide variety of purposes, such as training, testing response procedures, supporting table tops, training for operations in areas not easily accessible, or any requirement where high definition visualization is required.

BluTrain – Tour provides a virtual environment for users to get familiar with their facility from the comfort of their own desk, at a training center, or anywhere that can support a computer. With the ability to see any object within the site model, bookmark pre-defined areas for quick reviews, and even observe lines of sight, BluTrain gives watch standers a way to quickly learn the facility without physically going to locations. Users can also choose to take the tour in the form of a fly-over or overall orientation to get a general overview of the site, or a walk-through to get a more detailed look, including in areas that are typically inaccessible during operations.

BluTrain can be used in sync with the AVERT model, allowing users to leverage their existing site models built with AVERT, or new models that can be developed for users not yet on AVERT. Table Tops, force on force exercises and other training events or operational planning sessions all can use the same common model for a realistic view as seen by an actual person in that location. BluTrain users can save time and money typically spent on training and operations by using BluTrain-Tour to leverage their 3D models for any purpose where quality visualization of the site adds value.