ARES Security has carefully formed strategic and long term partnerships with other industry leaders. Our partnerships support the goals of both ASC and our partners in order to continue providing comprehensive solutions for customers. These partners include resellers, system integrators, technology developers and distributors, which collectively form a complete network to support ASC's field-proven software.

Milestone, Open Platform Company

Milestone Systems provides a reliable, easy-to-use and field-proven video management system (VMS). Milestone’s VMS has been deployed in over 100,000 installations worldwide, making them a global industry leader in open platform IP video management software. Their solutions can be tailored to meet the demands of any surveillance installation, from a small family-owned business to a complex surveillance installation with multiple sites and hundreds of cameras.

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Terma Allies in Innovation

Terma develops advanced security systems and surveillance radar solutions for defense, non-defense and security applications. Their radars--specifically designed to detect and track small non-cooperative targets in extreme weather conditions--support the coastal, naval and vessel traffic surveillance needs of the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard; perimeter surveillance for critical infrastructure protection; and surface movement surveillance at airports in the U.S. and Canada.

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Innovative Signal Analysis WAVcam

The WAVcam Wide Area Surveillance System (WASS) simultaneously provides a persistent 90-degree HFOV and an unlimited number of virtual HD pan/tilt/zoom windows. Using ISA-patented beam steering technology, one pair of sensors (one visible light and one thermal) is suitable for monitoring outdoor venues of up to 75+ square miles. The WAVcam is solar shielded, temperature controlled and water-tight to ensure reliable operations in extreme conditions.

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Network Harbor is the creator of the LightHouse PSIM, a system and sensor integration platform that services the security and public safety markets. Their highly customizable LightHouse platform,  has been successfully deployed in Federal, Military and Energy based installations as well as municipal and commercial sites. LightHouse provides an extremely comprehensive platform that unifies every component of a user's security system within a single, intuitive interface.

Visit Network Harbor's Website simplifies scheduling from reservations to billing. Agents request port calls online. Harbormasters book berth reservations. Pilots confirm movement orders. Everyone coordinates changes in a collaborative, online workspace called the PortCall Profile. A Berth Timeline eliminates overbooking with drag-and-drop simplicity.

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Global Security Consultants

Established in 2005, GlobeSec provides both permanent and temporary solutions to best suit your critical security requirements. Their Global Security Consultants offer a pro-active approach to dealing with high-risk areas and special events, by pre-empting all the risks and perceived threats present by assessing all shortfalls through the planning process. 

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Saker Solutions

Saker Solutions is a truly independent supplier of solutions and therefore will look to identify what's best for you. These solutions may be the answer to the question or the delivery of a tool to enable you to ask and answer your own questions. Saker Solutions' relationships and experience with the major developers of simulation products enable them to not only offer you choice but also give you advice on what is the right solution for you.

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National Nuclear Laboratory

The National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) plays a key role in the global nuclear industry by reducing the cost of clean-up and decommissioning, maintaining critical skills and attracting talented new people to the industry. NNL offers a range of products and services that focus on developing and applying techniques to decommission nuclear facilities, improve fuel cycle performance and technology, and support reactor operations.

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BRC International

BRC International was founded in 2010 as a small veteran owned business with the mission to assist government agencies and commercial business in IT consultation, design, delivery, project management, and training solutions.  BRC’s history includes a management team with over a century of government solutions experience delivering Security, Mobility, Core IT Infrastructure, Systems Architecture, Project Management, and the procurement of goods and services.

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BIS, spol. s r.o. was founded in 1992 as a purely Czech enterprise with headquarters in Brno. The company's core staff comprised of foremost experts from the Research Center of the Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant who had been dealing with all security aspects in nuclear power plants and nuclear materials since 1981. From the very beginning the company has focused on comprehensive services including physical protection systems for facilities with mission-critical security demands.

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Confluence Security Group

Confluence Security Group is an experienced team of subject matter experts in command, control, communications, and vulnerability assessments. Founded in 2011, Confluence designs and implements solutions to solve the world’s most challenging security, safety, and operational problems. These solutions make critical infrastructure sites safer, run more efficiently, and provide executives with real-time and quantitative risk metrics to inform better decision making.

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3Si is a leading Systems Integrator providing end-to-end Security solutions and technologies to organizations operating in complex and mission critical environments. Established in Singapore since 2006, 3Si has delivered turnkey integrated security projects across South East Asia. Their strength lies in Systems integration; 3Si combines the capabilities of their products to deliver customized solutions to meet the different challenges faced by each customer, which include Government agencies, Multinational Corporates, Manufacturing facilities and Oil & Gas/Critical Infrastructure Operators.

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SSR Engineering Inc.

SSR Engineering, Inc. was founded in 1999 by senior radar system and software engineers from Hughes Aircraft. While at Hughes Aircraft, the group developed surface search radars such as the AN/SPS-73 for the United States Coast Guard and United States Navy. With this knowledge, over fifteen years’ experience in the development of high-performance radar systems implemented on COTS components, and a company culture focused on superior service, SSR Engineering aims to stand out to those pursuing advanced radar-processing solutions.

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Appendix R Solutions

ARS was founded in 2000, with the aim of assisting commercial nuclear power stations to develop strategies and programs to comply with NRC regulations, their respective license conditions, and their license to operate a nuclear reactor. Appendix R Solutions continues to be a major participant in the transition of fire protection programs to the new risk-informed, performance-based regulations under 10 CFR 50.48(c), the development of fire probabilistic risk analyses under NUREG/CR-6850 and the implementation of the new fire protection programs.

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Exleet Edge

ExleetEdge is a leading solutions provider for high-profile customers who operate or manage mission-critical systems and infrastructure. ExleetEdge partnered with ASC in 2013, and has been helping customers find unique solutions in the developing Korean market. With the AVERT family of products, ExleetEdge provides mission-critical solutions and services for customers, enabling them to avoid or manage impending risks and continue business operations. 

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