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ARES' enterprise suite of security and safety solutions are system-agnostic and can be tailored to address the specific needs of an organization to deliver immediate value and reduce costs. Schedule an overview or live demonstration and learn how ARES can take help your organization design and secure a safer future in real-time.
Security Design & Assessments

Design and assess any security configuration using digital twin technology. Exclusive modeling and simulation capabilities quantify threats, validate effectiveness of existing and new security designs and mitigations, and identify opportunities for cost savings, all while maximizing impact.

Virtual Training & Exercises

An immersive and interactive exercise and evaluation system conducted within a digital twin of any facility using customizable threat and response scenarios. Single user or joint training exercises can be performed anytime, anywhere.

Geospatial Intelligence Services

Creating large or small scale digital twins and regional maps that can be ingested into the ARES Enterprise Security Platform and other municipal, geospatial or operational solutions.

C2, CSIM, & Real Time Operations

One comprehensive platform, endless solutions. Sensor-agnostic solutions that enhance mission planning and provide complete domain awareness for day-to-day operations and situation management.

Robotics, AI and Autonomy

Next generation solutions to automate ground and aerial robotic security platforms, real-time security optimization and AI decision support.

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