The world’s only quantitative physical security assessment and safety assessment capability utilizes an intelligent digital twin and AI pathing and response algorithms.


AVERT Physical Security simulates terrorism, active shooter, theft and other threats; improving security effectiveness and reducing cost.

Optimize Your Operations

Security designs are a complex combination of detection systems (cameras and other sensors), delay systems (barriers and access controls), and security personnel (on and offsite). Current threat profiles, rapidly advancing technologies, and the complexity of stacked security and response designs are well beyond the capacity of any individuals to validate or optimize.

AVERT Physical security utilizes a 3D digital twin of any environment and analyzes the performance of the site’s physical security configurations and response tactics against a variety of threats that are unique and specific to the site. AVERT PS is capable of simulating countless types of threats — from terrorist attacks to drone-attacks to natural disasters, and everything in-between — and is designed to enable risk-informed decision making based on quantitative risk assessments. The revolutionary solution provides a cost effective means to continually assess risks and optimize the effectiveness of a site’s security against operating budgets.

Any facility that needs to prepare for threats ranging from terrorism to vandalism needs AVERT PS to evaluate and optimize security plans.


AVERT PS makes it quick and easy to validate any changes or procurements for security and provides detailed data to demonstrate the effectiveness of a site’s stacked security and response designs down to an individual sensor, system, guard post, or response route. With the capacity to run countless simulations, AVERT PS is perfect for facilities that need to prepare for any possible threat or facilities looking to evaluate and update their existing security configurations.



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