Design the most effective security plan at any site for the least cost using leveraging intelligent digital twin and modeling & simulation technology.
Details for Every Design
AVERT for Design (4D) has proven through hundreds of projects to save 25-75% of planned capital and 10-50% of staffing- all while maintaining or increasing security effectiveness.
Specification Sheet
Validate Every Variation

AVERT 4D utilizes a digital twin utilizes a digital twin of a site and its physical security to evaluate the effectiveness and costs of various security modifications or projects. With an extensive library of tested and proven security system performance characteristics, AVERT 4D makes it easy to add new sensors or make configuration changes to validate new security purchases and plans before they are implemented.

AVERT 4D is capable of comparing comprehensive security designs that include systems, sensors, guard force, SOPs, and more. The solution provides cost-benefit analyses for various solution providers and highly specific, quantitative reports for system configuration, installation, and utilization, including detection heatmaps, percentage of detection at any location, rigorous camera or sensor installation details, and much more. AVERT 4D is trusted by some of the most protected facilities in the world and Fortune 500 companies to lower costs and increase effectiveness.

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