An adaptive neural network and machine learning engine that enables automated risk-based security decisions.
Automated Decision Support
AVERT AI leverages an intelligent digital twin, modeling and simulation and command and control from AVERT C2 to provide real-time decision support for security operations.
A Unique Breakthrough In Real-Time Decision Support

AVERT AI leverages and intelligent digital twin learning to optimize tactics, techniques, and procedures to provide rapid decision support for commanding forces. AVERT AI uses extensive site knowledge provided from in-depth analyses to support or automate the decision-making process for any personnel. The solution simulates a strategic cycle of decision making for experienced personnel to observe–orient–decide–act and cross-references a vast database of site and threat knowledge with real-time sensors and operations.

AVERT AI provides automated decision support to AVERT C2 and Vidsys, delivering real-time decision support to clients with the most demanding missions.

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