An open platform for planning, management and operations of ground, aerial and other robotic assets.
Take Control of Your Robotic Assets
AVERT MPO delivers mission planning, mission operations and control for teams of robots, drones and other artificial machines.
Specification Sheet
The All-in-One Solution For Any Mission

Security and response forces need advanced systems that connect, share, and learn so each unit can focus on the execution of their mission. AVERT Mission Planning and Operations (MPO) combines ARES Security’s digital twin and Command and Control (C2) technologies to provide an advanced common operating scenario that enables users to plan for and execute the most effective tactics, techniques, and procedures. Advanced integrations with the Team Awareness Kit (TAK), Ghost Robotics, and other sensors and systems, enables users to manage all of their assets from one screen to plan out complex day-to-day operations or multi-agency responses. Regardless of an organization’s mission or site’s environment, AVERT MPO analyzes the unique location and operations to produce the most effective mission plan that accounts for any integrated assets. Field sensors such as cameras, CBRNE, and detection or delay systems integrated within the platform can be used within the comprehensive AVERT C2 environment for normal operations or plugged into the AVERT MPO application to provide control or access for deployed security forces and their assigned tasks.

  • One operator controls many robots

  • Mission success is automatically calculated

  • Robot and robot network health monitoring

  • Mission in Mission capabilities -Sensor Integration

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