Perform integrated team tabletop trainings remotely or in person across multiple sites using a digital twin of your site and the intelligence of ARES' patented simulation technology.
Ensure Your Outcome
AVERT Virtual Tabletop ensures leaders and security forces are prepared to respond to any threat and emergency scenario.
Specification Sheet
Reinforce Your Response Tactics

AVERT Virtual Tabletop is a revolutionary capability that allows operators and their security forces to ditch the dice and perform realistic training scenarios on a regular basis to stay prepared for any situation. The Virtual Tabletop solution combines capabilities from AVERT Physical Security and Command and Control (C2) to mimic real-time scenarios and asset tracking for training purposes. With Virtual Tabletop, operators run and control detailed AVERT simulations, command a virtual blue force against adversaries, and see the real-time impacts of decisions. Training can be customized to specific threat and response scenarios and allows operators to study the direct effects of each decision or an entire response.

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