Security Design & Assessments

Optimize security platform design and assessment and using 3D Modeling & Simulation

The Most Trusted & Valuable Digital Twins

Whether evaluating the security of a small facility with a limited security profile or a large enterprise that must address all types of hazards, AVERT Physical Security and AVERT for Design can help protect critical assets from threats that suspend operations, increase costs, and compromise the well-being of personnel.

ARES guarantees significant security cost reduction and improvement in security effectiveness. Savings range from 25-75% of CAPEX and 10-50% of OPEX across every project, industry and security situation while improving or maintaining effectiveness.

ARES patented simulation engine utilizing a unique digital twin of your site, identifies security savings and improvements in effectiveness across any project size or security situation. Whether evaluating security effectiveness against terrorism, vandalism, active shooter or theft, ARES AVERT Physical Security and AVERT for Design ensures the highest level of security is achieved at the lowest possible cost.

No longer dependent on SME judgment alone, threat and vulnerability assessment as well as security design changes can now be quantitatively evaluated, justified and visualized in the unique digital twin of your site. Through thousands of simulations ARES generates data to evaluate and assess defense in depth, security strategies, sensor effectiveness and placement. All data generated by AVERT Physical Security and AVERT for Design is stored in a database that is used for developing heat maps, and statistical reports that identify weaknesses, and justify plan changes with cost benefit analysis.

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