Virtual Training & Exercises
An immersive, interactive exercise and evaluation system for individuals and teams conducted within a digital twin of your facility. Trainees play against the patented AVERT simulation engine, practicing responses and site familiarization for any threat.
Innovative & Immersive Training
AVERT Virtual Training solutions enable teams to keep up against evolving threats, situations, and technologies.

AVERT Virtual Training Solutions utilize the 3D digital twins and simulations of your site from the exclusive AVERT Physical Security software. This allows individuals and teams of trainees to do site familiarization and receive relevant, effective training against real threat scenarios. All training outcomes and timelines are measured and captured by the patented AVERT engine, allowing replay, after action and in-action retraining, reviews and evaluation

AVERT’s virtual training tools allow teams to train on dozens of scenarios in a single session, to practice in person or from distributed locations, and to involve external stakeholders when practicing complex coordinated responses. Whether training for active shooter, terrorism, counter-drone natural disaster or public unrest responses, AVERT Virtual Tabletop and AVERT Virtual Reality Training delivers effective, scalable and data-driven exercise, evaluation and training solutions.

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