ARES Security provides the technology and services needed
to facilitate a smooth, safe event

Special event security has never been more complex. The range and scope of threats are constantly evolving, which makes maintaining an effective security posture even more challenging. When attempting to outpace these evolving threats, you are typically faced with two options: a quick solution, or a tailored one. A quick solution might fill a few of the identified security gaps; but, typically involves rushing to select and implement incompatible sensors. The piecemeal configuration creates the ever-dreaded informational silos, and results in a fragmented situational picture. On the other hand, a tailored system offers the opportunity to carefully select only sensors with potential for functional integration. Although this provides a highly-tailored solution to address specific needs, it requires more time to select, integrate and install such a system.

CommandBridge Mobile Work Station

Despite these differences, the core components of a comprehensive event security solution remain the same:

  • Asset tracking, AIS and radar for land and waterside coverage

  • Video surveillance for wider visibility around your area of responsibility

  • Detailed geographical information for multi-layered intelligence

  • Anomaly detection and response management for overall situational awareness

But just because special event security is complex, does not mean it has to be complicated. ASC can provide the technology, services and even operators needed to facilitate a smooth, safe event--from national conventions to search and rescue operations.

A large event’s security requirements tend to exceed the hosting organization’s current capabilities. ARES Security can help accommodate this surge by providing both long and short term solutions for increased situational awareness. Our team of experts are willing to support your event in any way possible--whether monitoring from a local command center, or remotely from our own. Using ASC's field-proven AVERT C2 system, you can be alerted to anomalous behavior and form collaborative responses with other relevant stakeholders. Whether it’s a planned event or a last-minute one, ARES Security will be onsite to support a successful event.

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