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The protection of critical assets can be a grueling responsibility. With heavy regulations, a limited budget, and various types of  risks, executives must find new or better ways to stay ahead of the threats facing them. As the range of threats continue to grow, it is important for organizations to not only acknowledge them but to actually prepare for each of them as well. This may seem like an impossible feat, since preparing for threats can require extensive planning and training but with ARES Security's new AVERT Virtual Tabletop, threat scenarios and decision making training can be performed whenever it is needed.

The all new Virtual Tabletop combines capabilities from AVERT Physical Security and CommandBridge to mimic real-time scenarios and asset tracking for training purposes. Using the Virtual Tabletop, you can run and control detailed AVERT simulations while commanding a virtual blue force against adversaries, and see the real-time impacts of your decisions through the CommandBridge common operating picture (COP). As a simulation runs, force commanders are provided with limited information in which they must make decisions and position their forces based on adversary advances. The commander's decisions will update the agents and objectives within the simulation which changes the simulations’ outcome. Users are able to select specific AVERT scenarios that are relevant to their facility and can study the direct effects of each decision or an entire response. This revolutionary capability allows operators and their security forces to perform realistic training scenarios on a regular basis and stay prepared for any situation.

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AVERT Modeling and Simulation

Train Using Threats Known to Impact Your Facility

AVERT Virtual Tabletop uses the SAFETY Act Certified AVERT Physical Security software to run simulations on the various threats facing your organization. Upon discovering your facility's weaknesses and most likely attack avenues, executives can host training exercises within those specific simulations. With the capability to simulate anything from terrorists and cyber attacks to natural disasters, the Virtual Tabletop will keep you and your security staff prepared for any possible outcome. 


Ensure your outcome

Overlaid onto the CommandBridge COP, the Virtual Tabletop displays the locations of assets and other pertinent information that would be available to decision-makers in a realistic situation. Throughout each training scenario, you can decide when and how to respond to various incoming threats and view the potential outcome of each decision. As the simulation continues you are able to reposition assets, give orders to your response team, or even replay a specific section from the scenario. This provides a realistic glimpse into various possible attack outcomes and the real-time decision making process that would be required to respond. 

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Table Top Exercise Software - Virtual Table Top

Ditch the dice

Physical tabletop exercises are both time consuming and expensive; furthermore, the drills leave the results of decisions up to chance or a roll of the dice. This can lead to unrealistic adversary advances or entire scenarios and can discourage participants. Using the Virtual Tabletop software allows participants to see the most likely effects of their decisions. After each decision is made, the scenario is re-simulated and updated so participants can see how their decisions affect the simulation’s outcome. By removing the limitations and guesswork involved in regular tabletop drills, ARES Security has created a virtual training environment that goes well beyond the capabilities of normal exercises.


Reinforce Your Response Tactics

The new Virtual Tabletop is the ultimate training tool for both executives and security staff, providing in depth training on scenarios that are likely to affect your own facility. With the ability to create a quick scenario or a detailed training exercise, Virtual Tabletop allows you to perform targeted training that reinforces and improves security and response tactics. This revolutionary capability takes AVERT simulations one step further by providing you with valuable decision-making training in your own environment allowing you to stay ahead of both current and future threats.

Virtual Table Top Training

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