AVERT Risk Analysis Software

the only security optimization software to receive a DHS SAFETY Act Certification

Whether you manage the security of a small facility with a limited security profile or a large enterprise that must address all types of hazards, AVERT can help protect your critical assets from threats that suspend operations, increase costs and compromise the well-being of personnel. AVERT has multiple modules that can model a variety of risks including intentional acts, natural disasters, and other disruptive events to address the needs of your unique operations. Designed to enable informed decision making based on quantitative risk assessments, AVERT creates 3D models of your current facility to analyze and quantify the performance of your security configuration. The software then applies “what if” scenarios to asses different security configurations so you can prioritize future investments and operational procedures. 

Risk Assessment Software

AVERT’s intuitive user interface quickly creates realistic 3D models of your facility that include interior and exterior features or structures, access points and entrances, natural features, and the placement of both active and passive barriers and detection tools. Once your site is modeled, AVERT uses Monte Carlo simulations in order to attempt to defeat the security systems by determining the pathways of adversaries or natural hazards. These simulations provide you with a complete understanding of any possible vulnerabilities at your facility. The parameters can easily be changed within the model to address a wide range of security system configurations, threats and targets. Once the vulnerabilities and pathways have been identified and analyzed, you can change and test new modeled defenses and procedures to optimize your facility’s posture and thoroughly understand your return on investment. This quantitative approach provides a cost effective means to continually assess risks and optimize your security’s effectiveness against your budget.


The AVERT Risk Assessment solution is Certified and Trusted

There are many different modeling and simulations tools out there, but only AVERT allows you to generate completely different simulations from a single file. Previously, modeling and simulation programs relied heavily on analysts to create entirely separate models to compare one variable to another. These analysts had to gather their data from separate studies, which not only could lead to human error but is also a time-consuming and expensive process.

With the creation of the AVERT Simulation Controller, you now have a way to utilize a single AVERT model to create as many different simulations from one model as desired. As each individual simulation is executed, real-time results for Percentage of Effectiveness P(e) is displayed while the simulations are running. Once all the simulations, are completed the results are automatically stored into a Microsoft SQL database, where you can choose to display the results in customizable HTML, PDF or XLS reports. This process removes the potential for human error and allows you to generate any number of customized reports that can accurately display aggregate results from thousands of simulations with complete accuracy.

AVERT's Four-Step Risk Management Process:



The AVERT solution begins by characterizing the facility and its security environment. A detailed 3D model is created that includes facilities, terrain, site layout, and response forces. The software then allows you to select your delay and detection technologies from a library of over 50,000 systems and place them within the 3D model.

Terrain Navigational Mesh.png
Avoiding detection heatmap.png


Once the model is complete, AVERT can simulate natural hazards, manmade security threats and other costly operational disruptions. Unlike traditional vulnerability assessments, hundreds of threat scenarios varying in security configuration and facility operations can be conducted within hours instead of weeks.



Results of the simulations are represented in 3D model attack paths and intensity maps as well as through detection, interruption, and neutralization graphs to illuminate all types of vulnerabilities. In addition, AVERT’s “what-if” scenarios and cost/benefit analysis functionality allows for informed decisions about the acceptable level of expenditure and risk that is right for your facility, thereby allowing you to confidently identify the most effective solutions.



Due to AVERT’s exhaustive scenarios and the ability to alter and rerun simulations, you can be confident that you are continually assessing all possible risks and optimizing your security posture and budget to meet changing threat profiles. This is the true value of AVERT; allowing you to make efficient, informed decisions to protect your business, personnel, clients and reputation and immaculately your profitability.

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