The next generation command and control platform.


AVERT C2 streamlines workflows and response times by integrating all information into a unified and customized platform and dashboard.

Complete Domain Awareness For Any Industry

AVERT Command & Control (C2) delivers unified, customizable awareness dashboards, applications, and integrations for a multitude of use cases, industries, and locations. With one of the largest integration libraries on the market, AVERT C2 is a flexible and scalable solution that can incorporate an organization’s existing data feeds and build custom applications to satisfy their unique needs. AVERT C2 is powered by artificial intelligence, automation and a deep integration to the Vidsys PSIM.

AVERT C2 extends into the field with secure mobile application including TAK/ATAK apps. Whether managing a team of robotic assets, tracking people for security, shipments for logistics, or vehicles for operations, the comprehensive AVERT C2 solution is trusted and deployed throughout the United States military and various industries across the globe. With AVERT C2, a host organization can share access to multiple departments or outside partners and maintain complete control over their information.

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Avert C2 Image

AVERT C2 Mobile Apps

AVERT C2 Mobile makes it easy to gain enterprise-level command and control on the go. ARES extends AVERT C2 capabilities to the field with secure mobile apps including ATAK and TAK-CIV applications. Users can respond to incidents, share situational awareness and communicate with leadership directly from their mobile devices.

  • Intuitive In-App Controls: Navigate in-app functions using intuitive pan, tilt and zoom gestures and easy-to-use video playback controls.
  • Centralized User Access – Support for existing Vidsys local user accounts and remotely-managed Active Directory user accounts.
  • Connect From Anywhere: Supports LTE and GSM mobile connections and allows users to connect via Wi-Fi or VPN.
  • Full Integration with Native OS Functions: Save in-app snapshots directly to camera roll or use split-screen multitasking with other apps.


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