ARES Security delivers industry-tailored solutions to plan, prevent, detect, assess, and respond to any event or incident.


Today’s organizations are facing a wide range of threats that pose a risk to the safety of their personnel and operations. ARES prevents and minimizes risk by enabling organizations to properly prepare, train, and respond to these threats.


ARES Security works closely with the Federal Government and Department of Defense to ensure the protection of the nation’s most critical assets. The partnership has led to many new product enhancements for the AVERT® solutions and have solved some of the Defense Department’s most significant security concerns.


Securing and optimizing the commercial nuclear industry is crucial for ensuring public safety and delivering safe, reliable, clean, and green electricity that powers the grid. ARES Security addresses the strict regulatory requirements of commercial nuclear while leveraging technology already being deployed in other commercial and government sectors.


Ports and mass transit facilities have some of the most complex operations in the world, pairing together complicated logistics with high-trafficked areas. ARES has helped numerous organizations develop innovative solutions that automate, optimize, and simplify their complex environments for both security and operations.


The critical infrastructure in the United States is a complex system requiring a large amount of coordination between the public and private sectors. From individual facilities to nationwide entities, ARES Security helps various types of sites address and get ahead of the evolving threat landscape.


Call and data centers host an extraordinary amount of cyber and physical assets. ARES helps implement and maintain the most effective security solutions and response procedures to ensure business continuity.


Campuses are highly populated public areas. It is vital to quickly detect and respond to any type of incident. ARES delivers a low cost solution to help campuses and their personnel detect anomalies and respond appropriately.


Public safety agencies have broad purview. ARES Security helps agencies and their local organizations increase collaboration and training for quick and efficient responses.


Sports and entertainment venues are regular hosts to some of the largest crowds in the world, requiring complex response plans for any potential threats and evacuations. ARES Security provides the ability to prepare for any event and autonomously alert and share crucial information for quick and effective responses.


The healthcare industry is required to maintain an extraordinary level of care and protection for their patients and the various pharmaceuticals housed in their facilities. ARES allows healthcare facilities to monitor and control their assets as well as plan and train for evacuations and responses.

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