Robotics, AI, and Autonomy

ARES delivers solutions that help security operators utilize the full value of robotic platforms and make more informed and faster decisions using AI and security automation.

To automate ground and aerial robotic security platforms, real-time security optimization and AI decision support.

ARES has introduced open architected solutions to integrate teams of ground and aerial robotic systems and artificial machines into a common operational system, allowing an operator to command and control a fleet of robots from a single software interface. Operators can plan and manage robotic missions, execute mission in mission, success planning, share situational awareness and sensor data through a solution that is integrated into operations centers and includes field hardened systems for operations in any environment. With very minimal operator training and system set-up your robotic systems and sensors can be operational in the field today.

ARES AI solutions include integration of best of breed, commercially available edge AI applications for video analytics, advanced detection and smart sensors into AVERT C2 (Command & Control) and Vidsys PSIM. Whether in a SaaS or server based architecture ARES delivers real time security optimization by integrating AI applications with our patented simulation technology enabling rapid response and best in class situational awareness. The capabilities include automation of tedious and error prone tasks such as detection, response plans, and notifications. They also include dynamic updating of response plans, sharing of real time interdiction points, real time security mission updates on ATAK and TAK-CIV mobile applications and much more.



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