Campuses of universities, schools, and houses of worship have faced an unprecedented increase in active shooter events, protests, and vandalism. ARES solutions help improve safety and response.

Promote a safe learning, working, and worship environment for all.

With the rise of violence and increasing natural disasters, organizations must be prepared to effectively respond to a variety of different scenarios. Leaders must prepare and plan for how they will protect their students, employees, and their business during any type of incident.

ARES Enterprise Security Platform™ of software solutions enables any campus to properly plan for and respond to a variety of incidents that affect normal operations. Whether a small school district or a Fortune 500 headquarters, ARES delivers various tools to connect systems, sensors, and partnering agencies to create a secured, collaborative environment. As a system-agnostic solutions provider, ARES can leverage existing systems and sensors to supplement current abilities and grow with the needs of an organization over time. ARES offers mobile applications for active shooter mitigation and response directly connecting the student of administration with the local 911 center/PSAP. As a result, any campus can enhance their day-to-day operations while also prepare effective responses to any emergency incident.




Enables universities to analyze and optimize their detection capabilities, complex response plans, and timelines for advanced threats such as active shooter.


Enables campuses to integrate a wide range of systems and sensors, to streamline workflows, and automate for security and operations response, while enabling interagency collaboration from one system.

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ARES Mayday solution provides a mobile application for individual active shooter notification with integrated response including your local 911 center/PSAP.




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ARES Security’s Fully Automated Mayday Safety Solution Is Effectively Protecting Florida Schools Following the Implementation of Alyssa’s Law

Ares Security is Top Value Provider

ARES Security Designated As A Top Value Provider For The Florida Department Of Education’s Alyssa’s Law Project

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