The Mariner Group Partners with U.S. Coast Guard at Miami Sector Command Center

Oct 1, 2007 | News & Articles

Washington, DC – The Mariner Group, a Columbia, SC-based information technology company specializing in port and border security, recently made its flagship product, CommandBridge, operational in the U.S. Coast Guard’s Sector Command Center in Miami, FL.

CommandBridge contributes to U.S. security by helping government agencies and commercial entities communicate so they can anticipate, preempt and deter threats. CommandBridge provides actionable situation awareness by fusing information from many diverse sources, analyzing the combined information for anomalies, and providing users with real-time alerts and rapid response scenarios.

The Safe Port Act of 2006 directs the U.S. Coast Guard to establish interagency operations centers for enhancing port security at 35 locations around the United States. Mariner continues to work with the US Coast Guard though their Visualization and Response Project for Sector Command Centers to help in this effort. As part of this project, CommandBridge provides the primary underlying technology to increase situation awareness.

The Mariner Group’s President and CEO Steve Dryden explains, “The installation of CommandBridge at the Miami Sector Command Center has proven that eliminating communications gaps and identifying and rapidly responding to security risks dramatically increases overall security. We hope to provide this level of security to ports throughout the U.S.”

The Miami Sector Command Center facilitates the execution of all U.S. Coast Guard missions in its domain and provides information and coordination capability to other government agencies and port partners. CommandBridge is proving to be an invaluable tool helping the Coast Guard ensure the safety and security of U.S. waters. The ability to build upon its core foundation, and customize its application to various operational locales is very appealing, says Dana Goward, Director, Maritime Domain Awareness Program Integration, U.S. Coast Guard.

Captain Karl Schultz, Commander, Coast Guard Sector Miami, says, “In the few short weeks since the installation of Command Bridge in our Sector Command Center, the Advanced Situation Awareness technology has demonstrated impressive potential and is quickly becoming a mainstay of our Command Center’s situational awareness capabilities. We look forward to continuing the ongoing highly collaborative efforts to optimize this system’s use here in Miami and in potentially broader Coast Guard applications.”