ARES Security and Saker Solutions Announce partnership to provide security optimization solutions

Jul 11, 2013 | News & Articles

Burlingame, CA, July 11, 2013 – ARES Security Corporation, an enterprise security risk management solutions company, and Saker Solutions Limited, a leading provider of simulation based decision support solutions, today announced a partnership in which Saker Solutions will sell and support ARES Security’s premier security optimization software, AVERT, and virtual guard force training software, BluTrain, within the United Kingdom and Europe. Additionally Saker Solutions Consultancy services arm will provide implementation, training and modeling services to clients.

Shane Kite, Managing Director of Saker Solutions, describes how the modeling and simulation market is changing, “Historically modeling and simulation has been used by organizations to aid decision making related to operational issues.  Now with ARES Security’s best-of-breed, accredited software and our deep simulation experience we will use 3D modeling and simulation to optimize security environments and budgets.”

Mr. Robert H. Scott, Vice President of Business Development for ARES Security, explains the value of the partnership to security customers, “With this partnership, Saker Solutions will provide their expert simulation, consultation and implementation services with our leading risk management software to assist customers in visualizing and managing all types of hazards that can affect their organization politically and financially.”
About ARES Security Corporation

ARES Security Corporation protects the world’s most critical assets. As the leading enterprise security risk management solutions company, we are able to safeguard the most complex security systems operated by the defense, nuclear, government, energy, and utility and transportation industries around the world. ARES Security’s solutions, AVERT and BluTrain, allow our customers to optimize their security and virtually train their forces in order to ensure business continuity against an entire range of risks that jeopardize personnel, revenue and business operations. AVERT has received the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) SAFETY Act certification and accreditation from the United States Department of Defense (DOD).
About Saker Solutions

Saker Solutions is an independent supplier of simulation software and services, with significant experience applying simulation-based solutions to a vast variety of industries and applications. Saker Solutions operates in partnership with a variety of organizations to ensure that clients get the right solutions for their requirements. Saker Solutions can offer simulation consulting, modeling and training services as well as working with clients to help identify the right simulation software to use. In addition Saker Solutions can offer support for a variety of simulation software products including, Flexsim, Anylogic, Witness and Simul8. Saker Solutions underpins its simulation software and services offering with the provision of innovative technologies which support users to gain the most from simulation projects. This includes SakerGrid, a grid based distributed simulation tool which significantly reduces the timeframe for users to undertake model experimentation.