ARES Security Integrations: Gaming Technology into Risk Assessment Solution

Sep 27, 2013 | News & Articles

Burlingame, CA, September 27, 2013 – ARES Security Corporation today announces collaboration with Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim), the world leader in simulation technologies for military and civilian security organizations.  ARES Security is integrating BISim’s Virtual BattleSpace 2 (VBS2) product into its enterprise security risk assessment solution, AVERT.  By exploiting VBS2’s game-based visualization and simulation capabilities, ARES Security enhances AVERT’s ability to provide high fidelity play back and interaction of security assessments.

“The VBS2 solution is an industry leading virtual simulation tool used for training and evaluation.  By driving the VBS2 tool with AVERT’s results, users can quickly playback security design considerations to evaluate effectiveness,” explains Vice President of Business Development for ARES Security, Robert Scott.  “Customers will see the impact of decisions regarding security in a way that is clear and compelling.”

John Givens, BISim’s US President, said “BISim is committed to delivering a flexible and proven simulation capability, and we are confident that the expertise delivered by VBS2 into AVERT will deliver excellent visualization, as well as a framework for future collaborative system integration. We are very excited about this latest integration of VBS2 into ARES Security’s AVERT tool, which capitalizes on its mission rehearsal and mission analysis heritage.”

About ARES Security Corporation

ARES Security Corporation protects the world’s most critical assets. We safeguard the most complex security systems operated by the nuclear, energy, critical infrastructure, and transportation industries. ARES Security and our subsidiary, The Mariner Group, LLC provides solutions that prepare, prevent, detect, assess and respond to all types of threats. Our customers can optimize their physical security environments by identifying and quantifying risks and gain situational awareness by integrating information from a variety of sensors into one common operating platform.  Our AVERT solution has received the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) SAFETY Act certification and accreditation from the United States Department of Defense (DoD).

About Bohemia Interactive Simulations

BISim is a world leader in providing simulation technologies for government and commercial organizations. With origins in the gaming industry, BISim repeatedly delivers high-fidelity, low-cost, disruptive technology into the virtual simulation domain. BISim successfully exploits game-based technology with stunning visuals, and applies this to a range of breakthrough simulation products.

Developing the Virtual Battlespace

Since its founding in 2001, BISim has produced several state-of-the-art serious game products. Our primary focus has been the development of the Virtual Battlespace series, which delivers flexible, high-fidelity, virtual environments for multi-participant training across a wide range of critical areas. The flagship product in this series is Virtual Battlespace 2 (VBS2). VBS2 is employed for daily tactical training and mission rehearsal by most western militaries as well as applications in Civil Response and Emergency Services Training. Bohemia Interactive Simulations has more than 160 employees in offices in the US, UK, Australia, Czech Republic and Poland.