ARES Security Corporation and The Mariner Group Appoint Key Executives

Feb 19, 2014 | News & Articles


ARES Security Corporation and its subsidiary, The Mariner Group are proud to announce that it has named Mr. Zachary S. Kantzes as Director of Professional Services for ARES Security and Captain Barry Compagnoni, United States Coast Guard (Ret.), as Director of Maritime Programs for Mariner. The companies’ tremendous growth last year has demonstrated the need for these executive positions dedicated to managing the delivery of software and services and maintaining the care of customer relationships.

“With the acquisition of The Mariner Group and the huge success that we had in 2013 of winning business emanates the challenge of exceeding our customer’s expectations of delivering and implementing our solutions,” stated Ben Eazzetta, President of ARES Security. “I am confident under Zach and Barry’s leadership we will convert our new and existing contracts into long-term, successful customer relationships.”

Mr. Kantzes will manage the global professional services organization for ARES Security including all active engagements, support and life-cycle maintenance.  In this position, Mr. Kantzes will ensure the people and processes of ARES Security are delivering as a world-class operation. Mr. Kantzes joins ARES Security with eighteen years’ experience in managing information technology and systems engineering projects and teams.

Captain Barry Compagnoni recently retired from the United States Coast Guard with twenty-seven years of leadership experience in managing and supporting operations in the maritime environment.  With his extensive domain expertise, Captain Compagnoni joins Mariner as the Director of Maritime Programs to support clients in identifying solutions to manage and mitigate risk through the application of situational awareness and collaboration.

About ARES Security Corporation

ARES Security Corporation protects the world’s most critical assets. We safeguard complex security systems operated by the nuclear, energy, critical infrastructure, and transportation industries. ARES Security and our subsidiary, The Mariner Group, provide solutions that enable you to prepare, prevent, detect, assess and respond to all types of threats. Our customers can optimize their physical security environments by identifying and quantifying risks and gain situational awareness by integrating information from a variety of sensors into one common operating platform.  Our AVERT solution has received the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) SAFETY Act certification and accreditation from the United States Department of Defense (DoD).