Port of Stockton Launches CommandBridge

Sep 30, 2014 | News & Articles

Port Of Stockton Launches CommandBridge For Land And Waterside Security

Stockton, C.A. September 30, 2014 – The Mariner Group recently completed a custom CommandBridge installation for the Port of Stockton that significantly enhances the port’s land and waterside security by consolidating multiple systems into a single intuitive interface. By integrating the port’s existing assets—access control, AIS, video management system (VMS), tracking devices and more—CommandBridge has improved situation awareness by leveraging both new and existing security investments.

This streamlined awareness helps generate quicker responses to individual and cross-agency incidents. Despite the amount of data being collected and displayed, CommandBridge provides a de-cluttered picture to simplify understanding and focus on the most immediately relevant information.

“Having an all-in-one system like CommandBridge for land and waterside security really elevates our situation awareness,” said George Lerner, director of Homeland Security for the Port of Stockton. “With a single access point for multiple systems, it’s much easier for me to make quick, informed decisions.”

The flexibility of Mariner’s industry-leading platform also enabled an integration to real-time dashboard camera video from port vehicles, and an extensive GIS integration to more effectively visualize and safeguard the port’s critical infrastructure.

The project’s access control portion was especially notable, bringing Mariner’s notorious visualization skills to the port’s existing access control system. With the ability to monitor every access point, along with all waterways, vessels, vehicles and port personnel, the Port of Stockton is now able to more thoroughly understand their complex environment.

About The Mariner Group:
Mariner transforms situational awareness with innovative regional solutions. With over a decade of experience, Mariner is a thought leader in applying situational awareness principles to unusual challenges through a unique context-based approach. This method replaces clutter with intuitive visualizations resulting in highly focused, actionable awareness.