The Mariner Group & NorthSouth GIS Announce Strategic Partnership

Jul 25, 2016 | News & Articles

The Mariner Group (TMG) and its partner NorthSouth GIS (NSG) have provided a joint situational awareness solution to multiple ports throughout the U.S. The technology companies have worked side by side to install state of the art software and provide custom services for both Port Tampa Bay and Port of Stockton in the last two years. Most recently TMG and NSG announced a strategic partnership and were awarded a situation awareness project for the Port of San Diego. That project is under way and is expected to be completed in 2016.

Port employees and officers need to focus on their duties – law enforcement and situation management – not on software. Both Mariner’s and NSG’s solutions were designed with this in mind, so the TMG/NSG Solution was made to be simple to learn, easy to use, memorable, and repeatable. The applications included reduce visual clutter, remove extraneous tools and buttons, and eliminate the need to learn unnecessary functions.

By integrating the port’s existing and newly acquired assets—ESRI software, AIS, weather services, video management system (VMS), access control, tracking devices and more—and consolidating these systems into a single intuitive interface, the TMG/NSG Solution enhances the port’s situational awareness. Combined with extensive GIS integration the software allows ports to more effectively visualize and safeguard their entire critical infrastructure. Despite the amount of data being collected and displayed, the solution provides a de-cluttered picture to simplify understanding and focus on the most immediately relevant information. This streamlined awareness helps generate quicker responses to individual and cross-agency incidents.

“Adding the NSG’s GIS Port Solutions to our Mariner CommandBridge platform took us to a new level by adding enhanced capabilities useful to both our Security and Operations personnel tasked with around the clock duties. The interface with our existing Port Tampa Bay GIS data allows us to leverage vast amounts of data which is routinely collected and updated by other port departments like Engineering and Real Estate; but was previously unavailable to our frontline employees and managers tasked with emergency response.” – Mark Dubina, Vice President-Security, Port Tampa Bay

The TMG/NSG Solution was developed in and for ports, it is not a “one off” solution or adapted from military or other industrial installations. It is multi-faceted, configurable, and highly scalable so the software can grow with the clients’ needs. The Combined Solution has now been installed successfully at multiple installations, and these sites have already experienced great improvements in their situational awareness and response capability. “CommandBridge alone is a powerful platform for ports, but integrated with the NSG Port Solution, it is an invaluable tool for port security and operations. We are very excited about the capabilities we offer with this integrated solution.” – Ben Eazzetta, CEO of The Mariner Group

About the TMG/NSG Partnership
TMG’s Situational Awareness and Management offerings and NSG’s Enterprise GIS solutions are each the most widely deployed solutions of their kind in U.S. ports today. The two firms have been collaborating on client solutions for years, and have a track record of delivering software that provides long-term success. “TMG really understands port security and their software is by far the best we’ve seen for managing real time situations in ports and surrounding areas. It’s a great complement to our own GIS solutions for ports.” – Daniel Elroi, CEO of NorthSouth GIS LLC