The Mariner Group is Now a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of ARES Security Corporation

Sep 13, 2016 | News & Articles

Washington, DC, September 14, 2016 – ARES Security Corporation (ASC) has released AVERT 8.0 as its latest update to the quantitative risk assessment technology. AVERT utilizes 3D modeling and simulation technology that allow users to visualize, analyze, and optimize all of their site’s vulnerabilities. AVERT has already been deployed in 35% of the commercial nuclear facilities in the U.S. and is also installed at many other critical infrastructure sites around the world. AVERT 8.0 incorporates critical new features into the field-proven software including new reporting capabilities, a simulation controller, message bus, and SQL server database. 

The innovative simulation controller allows users to configure numerous scenarios, control the execution of the simulation, or select simulations to be run automatically. In addition, new simulation capabilities have been incorporated that integrate the supervisory decision process into the simulation models. The new message bus enables intercommunication and automation in the system, which permits the reporting engine to perform analyses within and between scenarios very quickly.

John Halsema, Chief Technology Officer for ASC said, “AVERT 8.0 represents the next generation of ASC technology, changing the paradigm from analysis of individual scenarios to a new one where many different scenarios and combinations are analyzed much faster, using readily available hardware. The recently integrated reporting and analysis tools allow for deep analysis across a wide spectrum of capabilities and threats.”

The combination of the simulation controller, message bus, and SQL server database allows users to answer questions about their facility posed by management and regulators such as the NRC. Using the models and simulation results to quantify a facility’s risks, can answer questions regarding the defensive margin, security systems sensitivity analysis, defense-in-depth metrics, and much more.