ARES Security is Now Protecting Nearly 40% of the U.S. Commercial Nuclear Market with AVERT

Jan 17, 2017 | News & Articles

ARES Security Corporation (ASC) ended 2016 by signing 4 new contracts; bringing the year to a close with 39% of the nuclear reactors in the United States using AVERT. The new contracts also expand on ARES Security’s international presence. While two of the contracts are with new customers, one is to upgrade a site to AVERT All Hazards and the last is an expansion of work in progress. The expansion will advance ASC’s partnership with Bruce Power, the largest operating nuclear facility in the world, who have been working with ASC for the past five years. ARES Security will be working with Bruce Power to finalize their AVERT All Hazards project and a real-time Table Top Exercise Module in 2017.

Robert H. Scott, III, Sr. VP for Business Development and Marketing said, “We have worked hard to increase the capabilities of the AVERT family of tools so we can further our commitment to the industry and ‘Delivering the Nuclear Promise’. These contracts give us the chance to develop and enhance all of our products, which brings us closer to achieving our vision of a real-time security optimization solution.”  

The AVERT family of software enables customers to optimize their facilities through detailed risks assessments so that they are prepared for any eventuality. AVERT All Hazards currently simulates the effectiveness of physical security and the damaging effects of tornadoes, but as ARES Security’s partnership with Bruce Power moves forward, ASC will expand the software to include seismic activity and flooding. AVERT All Hazards will soon be deployed in over 10% of the North American Commercial Nuclear market, and is quickly becoming the number one tool for quantitative risk assessments.