ARES Security Adds an Advanced Behavior Module to Their AVERT Risk Assessment Software

Jun 20, 2017 | News & Articles

ARES Security (ASC) released a new Advanced Behavior Module for their AVERT software family. AVERT software enables customers to optimize their facilities through detailed risks assessments preparing them for any eventuality. The new module, developed with inputs from the Department of Defense, Department of Energy, and Commercial Nuclear clients provides combat simulation enhancements that are extremely useful for ASC customers. 

The initial release of the module includes advanced control of specialized agents like snipers, breaching, cover and concealment, and other activities. Graphical user interface (GUI) configurations allow users to configure agent behaviors and inter-agent activities in a way that ensures results consistent with the accredited algorithms in AVERT, without requiring scripts to control agent behaviors, which is known to be error prone. Every addition to AVERT is validated to comply with the requirements and test results of the Verification, Validation and Accreditation process conducted with US DoD and DOE. ASC continually develops new capabilities for their software against these and other requirements, so their customers can stay ahead of new and developing threats. 

AVERT’s Advanced Behavior Module allows for frequent addition of new capabilities. New additions this year will simulate the attack plans an adversary could use based on physical protection devices, and the effects of a cyber-attack and its impact it has on these systems. Different cyber assets can become targets of adversaries or even insiders, modelling the impact a cyber-attack has on a physical attack. The new module will also enhance drone capabilities.

“These advanced behavior capabilities allow our customers to rapidly evolve with the threat environment. Cyber and drone capabilities are just two examples of these enhancements, which can now be delivered very rapidly supporting the needs of our customers”, said John Halsema CTO, ARES Security.