ARES Security Signs Three New Deals in Critical Infrastructure

Aug 22, 2017 | News & Articles

ARES Security Corporation (ASC) recently closed on a few contracts for both their AVERT & ASSURE product families within the critical infrastructure sector. One of the deals included a purchase of the AVERT Risk Assessment software by a nuclear facility on the west coast, while the other two were ASSURE CommandBridge installations at major U.S. ports. With the latest contracts, ARES Security is now protecting approximately 43% of the nuclear reactors and over 30% of the top tier ports (as ranked by total cargo tonnage) in the United States. 

ASSURE CommandBridge has always enabled customers to share sensors and data with nearby organizations to increase awareness, but with the increasing market share in the U.S, new CommandBridge customers can expand the reach of their system even further by sharing information with nearby customers. This means customers not only have a better understanding of their local environment but can also view and interact with information from nearby agencies to increase regional or even state-wide awareness and collaboration.

Robert H. Scott, III, Sr. VP for Business Development and Marketing said, “As we continue to expand the use of both the AVERT and ASSURE product families globally, we are gaining valuable feedback from our users and are beginning to see the development and numerous benefits of regional usage.”

The ASSURE family of products provides customers with the tools to protect their facilities in real time and covers both physical and cyber security. The AVERT family gives customers the tools to perform state of the art risk and vulnerability assessments on their facilities and has multiple versions to appeal to both large and small facilities.