ARES Security Wins AFWERX Fusion Ticket

Aug 15, 2018 | News & Articles

The US Air Force launched AFWERX to solve some of the toughest challenges the Air Force faces through innovation and collaboration amongst our nation’s top subject matter experts. AFWERX has the ability to bring together our Nation’s best and brightest to collaborate, innovate, fabricate and present accelerated results to the United States Air Force to better serve their #1 customer: the warfighter and operators in the Air Force. Recently, AFWERX hosted a Fusion Event focused on the challenges of fixed, temporary and mobile site security. Over 150 companies submitted ideas and 50 were selected to attend the AFWERX Fusion Event to demo their solutions to security experts from the Air Force and other branches of the military. On the final day, 10 Fusion Ticket Awards were made to select companies that opened the door to deployment discussions with the US Air Force.  ARES Security was honored to receive one of the AFWERX Fusion Ticket Awards for their AVERT Vulnerability Assessment, Training, and Command and Control Solutions.

“As technology advances and adversaries become more determined, the challenges of site security become increasingly complex,” commented John Halsema, CTO of ARES Security. “Who would have thought even five years ago that drones carrying an IED could be a threat to an installation, critical infrastructure or political / entertainment venues. Yet today, we witness a drone attack being played out on the world stage.” At the recent AFWERX Fusion Event, ARES Security provided a demonstration of AVERT, its DOD and DOE Accredited and Safety Act Certified vulnerability assessment software. Specifically, ARES Security demonstrated how attack, defensive and surveillance UAS (unmanned aircraft systems) could be modeled and then incorporated into site physical security vulnerability assessments. “With the power of AVERT’s modeling and simulation engine, the Physical Security SME now has quantifiable results to prepare a Physical Security Plan that optimizes the use of defensive security personnel, weapon systems, surveillance and barriers to defeat adversary attacks and minimize the impact on life and assets,” said John Halsema. 

Ben Eazzetta, CEO of ARES Security stated, “We take the job of protecting our nation’s most critical infrastructure very seriously. We are ready to support the DoD war fighter and owners of critical infrastructure, quantify UAS and other threats, and explore surveillance and defensive strategies.”

The AVERT software is used by the Department of Defense to ensure the protection of some of DOD’s most critical sites. The AVERT software is also used in the physical security assessment of 65% of North America’s nuclear reactors and other critical infrastructure against a terrorist or insider threats. AVERT’s advance modeling and simulation capabilities are used to validate the effectiveness of the security system against a range of threats and to justify physical security system investments and modifications. The AVERT software has been accredited to accurately characterize critical infrastructure and provide for a dynamic analysis of plans and pathways that could be used by adversaries to reach objectives and targets, while providing robust simulation of the attack and actions by security personnel to neutralize their attack. The software also supports advanced behaviors for combat simulation, a robust red force / blue force training environment, and a Command and Control solution for security operations.  AVERT has received Accreditation from DOD and DOE and is Safety Act Certified by the Department of Homeland Security.