ARES Security Designated As A Top Value Provider For The Florida Department Of Education’s Alyssa’s Law Project

May 24, 2021 | News & Articles

ARES Security has signed the statewide contract with Florida’s Department of Education as an approved vendor for the Alyssa’s Law mandate and will begin finalizing agreements with individual school districts to provide their comprehensive school safety solution. ARES Security’s web-based, hosted school safety solution is quick and easy to deploy, guaranteeing the districts will meet or exceed the requirements of the Alyssa’s Law mandate.

Although all of the vendors met the minimum requirements for the statewide Alyssa’s Law Project, ARES Security was ranked by the Department of Education’s Negotiation Committee as one of the top two best value solutions based on all evaluation factors including capabilities, technology, and cost. This ensures the districts exceed the capabilities included in the basic requirements and are also protected against future statewide budget risks, assuring ongoing continuity with districts that contract with ARES Security as a long term partner.

The ARES Security School Safety solution provides much needed capabilities for the schools to enhance routine school safety and security while also meeting the requirements for the Alyssa’s Law mandate. ARES Security’s solution provides unique capabilities for each district or school to configure specific settings, such as the ability to send notifications or safety checks to its users. Schools can also provide access to their information sharing application to a variety of users including students and parents and limit their alerting capabilities so only administrators are able to activate an emergency response.

Each school, law enforcement or designated emergency response organization will also receive access to a custom command and control platform, AVERT C2, that provides the ability to integrate critical information such as floorplans, law enforcement personnel, GIS data, contact information, and standard operating procedures out of the box. This comprehensive solution will enhance day-to-day safety and provides all users, responders and supporting agencies with critical information to streamline awareness and collaboration throughout an emergency response. ARES Security will also offer the districts a long-term roadmap to continue increasing school safety and security capabilities over time, allowing schools to also integrate existing data feeds such as Cameras or Access Control into the comprehensive solution.

“We are honored to be selected for this opportunity, and to provide one of the best valued solutions to safeguard schools in Florida,” said Ben Eazzetta, CEO of ARES Security, “We feel our system will not just meet the minimum requirements but offer the best long term technology roadmap and cost protection the districts need to have for a viable long term system. Our tagline is ‘Protecting the World’s Most Critical Assets’ and there is nothing more critical than our children.”