ARES Security Awarded USAF TACFI Contract

Jan 18, 2022 | News & Articles

ARES Security has been awarded a $1.7M contract from the USAF AFLCMC Hanscom AFB Electronic Systems Engineering Directorate to procure and enhance the ARES Security AVERT Physical Security software for use by USAF Security Forces. AVERT Physical Security provides the USAF digital engineering technology to improve risk management and increase security effectiveness to support the warfighter and installation mission goals. AVERT uses digital twin 3D models, analytics, simulations, and artificial intelligence to improve how Security Forces assess, train, and respond in ways which increase security effectiveness while at the same time reduce costs. This work follows successful SBIR projects at Dyess AFB, Travis AFB, and the Base of the Future – Tyndall AFB through the sponsorship of AFWERX, an organization dedicated to bringing commercial innovation to the USAF.

The work will be conducted in the Air Force’s Force Protection System Integration Lab (SIL) at the Northeastern University Innovation Campus in Burlington, MA. This state-of-the-art lab has been established as a facility where the USAF, industry, academia, and state/local government can collaborate and experiment in real-time to test and deploy innovative digital engineering solutions required by Security Forces to meet rapidly changing requirements.

The AVERT software has roots in work started in 1999 when ARES Security provided modeling and simulation-based vulnerability assessment software for the protection of the US stockpile of nuclear weapons. Over the years, the AVERT software has matured in many ways. AVERT Physical Security has been Accredited by DoD and DOE having gone through the rigors of Verification and Validation. Likewise, AVERT Physical Security has been Certified under the Safety Act by the Department of Homeland Security. Today, AVERT Physical Security continues to be used by DTRA to protect the US Nuclear Weapons Stockpile and 67% of the commercial nuclear reactors in North America. The capabilities of AVERT are also used by Transit Agencies, Critical Infrastructure, and Corporations to optimize security designs and improve response plans for challenging threats such as active shooter, IED, vehicle as a weapon, and drones. ARES Security is also an industry pioneer in providing virtual tabletop exercises and VR security training, command and control software for real-time security operations, advanced AI decision support for security operations, and mission planning and operations for robotics systems. What has been proven through many years of DoD and commercial work is that AVERT solutions have helped customers significantly increase their security effectiveness while saving millions of dollars in capital and operational costs.

Major Jareth Lamb, Chief, Force Protection Modernization Branch AFLCMC/HBUM, commented “AVERT really is a game changer for us. Its advanced modeling and simulation engine allows us to optimize our base defense systems in response to rapidly evolving threats, helping us stay one step ahead of our enemies.” Ben Eazzetta, CEO of ARES Security, noted “Innovation is required to stay ahead of adversaries that threaten US assets and people. With AVERT we are committed to improve mission results at a reduced costs in response to increasing security challenges.”