AVERT® Physical Security Obtains DHS SAFETY Act Certification

Oct 11, 2022 | Press Release

Vienna, VA, October 11, 2022— ARES Security Corporation announced today that they have received the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) SAFETY Act Certification for their flagship software product, AVERT® Physical Security (AVERT-PS). AVERT-PS is the only physical security modeling and simulation software to obtain DHS SAFETY Act Certification, the highest accreditation offered by DHS.

“ARES Security is proud to have met the extremely rigorous requirements for recertification of our technology,” said Ben Eazzetta, ARES Security Corporation’s Chief Executive Officer. “The addition of the DHS SAFETY Act Certification to the existing AVERT-PS endorsements provides an additional layer of confidence to the AVERT technology. Limiting the financial liability for deployed security applications when using AVERT-PS, provides a significant advantage over the exclusive use of SMEs and other available technologies.”

According to the DHS SAFETY Act website, the DHS Safety Act “ensures that the threat of liability does not deter potential manufacturers or sellers of anti-terrorism technologies from developing, commercializing, and deploying technologies that could significantly reduce the risks or mitigate the effects of large-scale terrorist events.”

AVERT-PS is a unique Security Risk Assessment software used to perform Physical Security Vulnerability Assessments of facilities and provides the capability to design, visualize, quantify, assess, and optimize security posture. For many industries, the accepted norm for physical security design and optimization is through the use of Subject Matter Experts or SMEs. The AVERT-PS solution’s holistic and integrated approach delivers accurate, measurable, and repeatable assessments of physical security design and operations. AVERT-PS has been used by 67% of the North American commercial nuclear fleet, DOD, DOE and corporate clients.

The AVERT-PS certification can be found on the DHS website under “APPROVED TECHNOLOGIES list for Homeland Security”.

About ARES Security

ARES Security Corporation is the only enterprise security platform in existence. Founded in 2012, ARES Security developed the AVERT® suite of solutions that cover the entire physical security lifecycle to protect the world’s most critical assets. AVERT includes software for security design, assessment, virtual training, command and control, robotic operations, and real-time decision support.

ARES Security has grown to expand its offerings through a series of acquisitions, including Vidsys, Inc. and Mayday Safety. Vidsys, Inc. provides mission-critical Converged Security and Information Management solutions. Mayday Safety is a mass alerting, notification, and communications application that is used by individuals and organizations during an emergency event.

ARES Security is trusted by government agencies, corporate enterprises, and commercial clients in North America, the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific. ARES Security has been accredited by the DoD and DoE as well as received DHS SAFETY Act designations. To learn more about ARES Security, visit www.aressecuritycorp.com.