ARES Security in Action: How AVERT is Powering the Maritime Industry

Nov 29, 2022 | News & Articles

This the second post in our series on how ARES Security designs and secures a safer future in real-time for the maritime industry. 

As a preferred software provider for the MARSEC ADaPT accreditation program, ARES Security’s AVERT suite of software solutions is core to the accreditation initiative. The AVERT suite of solutions are highly customizable and can be tailored to fit the specific needs of any organization. AVERT digitizes maritime critical infrastructure by using digital twins and data to continuously optimize security, risk management, vulnerability analysis, and security training functions. Below we break down how AVERT is used to support smart port initiatives across the maritime industry. 


ARES Security specializes in providing data driven security, safety, and response optimization for the maritime industry that lowers costs and increases effectiveness. 


The Digital Twin

The digital twin is a critical component of any comprehensive security strategy and is foundational for any site looking to digitize their security operations. With AVERT, a 3-D digital twin model of a port and facility is created. AVERT’s digital twins are highly detailed and accurate and are used to visualize, design, build, test, manage, and secure the critical infrastructure. The digital twin also provides ports with critical components that directly impact preparedness, readiness, responsiveness, and resiliency. Once the digital twin is established, security professionals use AVERT to identify, assess, and address vulnerabilities.


AVERT Physical Security (PS)

AVERT Physical Security uses the digital twin to analyze the performance of the site’s physical security configurations and response tactics against a variety of threats that are unique and specific to the site. AVERT PS simulates countless types of threats — from terrorist attacks to drone-attacks to natural disasters, and everything in-between — and enables risk-informed decision making based on quantitative risk assessments. The revolutionary solution provides a cost-effective means to continually assess risks and optimize the effectiveness of a port’s security against operating budgets.


AVERT for Design (4D)

AVERT 4D leverages the digital twin and modeling and simulation technology to evaluate the effectiveness and costs of various security modifications or projects at a port. With an extensive library of tested and proven security system performance characteristics, AVERT 4D makes it easy to add new sensors or make configuration changes to validate new security purchases and plans before they are implemented. AVERT 4D can compare comprehensive security designs that include systems, sensors, guard force, SOPs, and more. The solution provides cost-benefit analyses for various solution providers and highly specific, quantitative reports for system configuration, installation, and utilization, including detection heatmaps, percentage of detection at any location, rigorous camera, or sensor installation details, and much more. 


AVERT Virtual Tabletop

Using the digital twin, AVERT Virtual Tabletop allows security professionals to perform realistic training scenarios based on the various threats that impact their port and facility. The Virtual Tabletop solution combines capabilities from AVERT Physical Security and Command and Control to mimic real-time scenarios in order to discover weaknesses and vulnerabilities and host training exercises within those specific simulations.  With Virtual Tabletop, operators run and control detailed AVERT simulations where users are prompted to make decisions based on computer-generated analysis and then view and assess the real-time impacts of those decisions. Training can be customized to specific threat and response scenarios and allows operators to study the direct effects of each decision or an entire response. The training results in an increased security posture and increased cost savings as expenses associated with traditional physical exercisers are either reduced or eliminated entirely. 



ARES Security will guarantee that any port adopting this technology will realize a minimum 100% ROI and a maximum payback period of one year. Although every port will be unique in their operations and savings potential, the AVERT technology plays a significant role in driving increased security and profitability while concurrently lowering operational and capital expenses. For one client, the implementation of AVERT Physical Security was approximately $930k for a six-month assessment project which resulted in $9M of annual cost savings. 

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