Energy & Utilities
Protecting our power grid in a rising threat environment from both state and non-state actors is critical to our way of life. Proper assessment, design and response is now paramount.
Securing our Critical Infrastructure.

The energy industry is constantly under pressure from evolving markets, regulations, and dynamic threats. Assuring operational resilience and maintaining safety and security, while remaining cost effective is critical. ARES' solutions for improving assessment, design and response of high voltage substations has resulted in not only improved response but significant design cost savings..

ARES continues to innovate through close relationships with both US and Canadian National Laboratories to create next generation solutions for integrated Risk Based Assessment and Operational PRA, automated regional response and sensor management as well as solutions for the use of advanced robotics for perimeter detection, inspection and operational maintenance.

Utilize 3-D modeling and simulations to save money on mandatory assessments and security system design.
Integrates systems and partners for a collaborative Security Operations and Incident Management Intelligence platform.
Allows the use of advanced Robotics solutions and AI for improve remote site response, inspection and automation.
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